Hi! I'm April.


It's so nice to meet you!

If you are on this page, chances are you don't know much about me, so I will give you the bullet points:

  • I'm a work from home mama of a very adorable, feisty and precocious preschooler. You won't see much of her because a) I think it's tacky to pimp out kids for 'likes' and views and b) safety issues. We live in a crazy world, and while I would love to share more of her, you probably won't see her much unless it's an old photo or her face is hidden. 
  • I have 20+ years of experience in the autism field and have trained, mentored and certified in over a dozen autism modalities. There are 4 specific therapies I wholeheartedly believe in and still recommend to parents. I also have experience with brain injury and neurorehabilitation. I share some of my journey in the book, "My Baby Can Dance", co-written by myself and other consultants and parents of children with autism. If you'd like to check out that part of my journey, you can get the book here. At this stage in my work with autism, I have created innovative programs to train parents and professionals, and to provide support to adults transitioning to independence. My brands are Transcend Autism Academy, The Integrative Autism Institute, and the Holistic Autism Network. 
  • I was widowed at 29 and soon after experienced an explosion of psychic phenomena and healing abilities I couldn't explain. I knew I wasn't going crazy because I knew stuff I had no way of knowing, and other people saw things too. (Like really observable things, such as objects flying across a room, telepathic communication with brain-injured children and lightbulbs blowing out). I shared a little bit of that story in Sheri Keys' book "Finding Fulfillment in the Spiritual Age". To check that out, go HERE.
  • I had no interest in business whatsoever when I started out. In fact, I could care less about money. (Shocking, I know, since I had to do SO much inner and outer work on visibility, healing my money story/trauma and getting my sh*t together after my husband died.)
  • I was forced to seek out business mentors to keep helping families living with autism. Organically, and on the side, under the radar for over 10 years, professional colleagues and mastermind buddies would ask me to give them business advice (and it worked). I still didn't know how intuitive I was. 
  • Eventually I realized the business clients on the side were a constant 'thing'. Even though I had no desire to become a business coach, I continued to attract eager spirit-led entrepreneurs who wanted to learn my processes for helping clients and building models that create a win-win for everybody. Every time I tried to focus solely on autism, new coaching clients would magically appear. I have since realized I use the same tools and processes in my healing work with families as I do with heart-centered entrepreneurs. My gift is helping others clarify and develop their gifts. 
  • At it's core, I teach manifestation and healing. They are very similar processes and require the same type of inner and outer work. While my work with autism goes much more in-depth with neurology, communication skills, and lifestyle changes necessary for achieving independence, I provide the same type of guidance, support and manifestation tools to both communities. 
  • I'm excited to share this journey with you! I know things will continue to evolve and I promise I will do my best to update you asap when they do. Things tend to happen pretty fast around here. 


If you are a heart-centered spiritual entrepreneur who wants to learn more about helping your clients get the best results while building a thriving business, the first step is to watch the free video training "7 Skills for High End Healers"


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