Abundance & The Law of Entrainment Part 1

abundance spiritual gifts Aug 17, 2019

Have you ever heard that saying that "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with?" This is a very common saying in the coaching world. It generally suggests that if you spend most of your time hanging out with people who are in lack, you will likely emulate them and experience similar issues. There is no opportunity for growth or taking a different perspective. If you hang around with people who are smarter, more advanced in their business, who have advice to give and resources to share, you will 'level up'. This is the advantage of networking in fancy business masterminds and investing in the highest level support possible. 

You know what else I have learned? The changes and experiences you attract as a result of various groups you are involved in also are related to something called Entrainment. 

Entrainment is a natural phenomenon that is observed in brain wave and heart rhythm synchronization between people (animals too), and in physics it occurs when two oscillating objects that are out of sync eventually synchronize together. 10 years ago I started to notice this phenomena happening with my clients. I didn't share that I was undergoing profound spiritual experiences with them. I was not training them to become clairvoyant, to see auras or spirits, or to be able to intuit what was going on for their children. But spontaneously mothers began to share with me they could see their children's energy systems. They were sensing energies with their hands. They could visualize stagnant energies in the spaces and objects in their homes, receive messages from Spirit and pick up impressions from things like personal objects, crystals and stones. 

I then was told by my own guides what I was observing was a process called Entrainment. (I only read about the definition of it after I was given this information.)

So what does that mean for you, if you are a sensitive person, especially if you are in the online business marketing and high level coaching world? 

It means that you need to understand what really happens when you join a mastermind community. Your energy becomes a part of the collective of that group. Discernment (one of the most important Spiritual Gifts) is crucial in choosing a mastermind and a mentor. 

I've experienced some really profound growth from investing in high level masterminds and mentorship in the past 10 years. I've also seen the unintended negative effects of mastermind programs that did not have a clear protected space and allowed some entryways to negative energies, which did in fact affect group members. 

I've recently begun analyzing my own memberships in various groups online (primarily Facebook groups) and have been stunned at what is showing up. I'll share in the next post what some of the energies look like visually, to give an example of what can happen when the leader or facilitator of a group is not aware of energetic boundaries and protections. 

Do you have questions about your mastermind community or your high level group program? I assess the energetics of your business and tie in the information with your income-creation avenues based on your unique spiritual gifts profile. For more information, you can book a free chat HERE. 


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