Abundance & The Law of Entrainment Part 2

In the last post I shared a bit about what Entrainment is and how joining any kind of group influences your ability to manifest and attract. There are some caveats to this: 

  • We all are individuals and have unique gifts and differences in our ability to manifest, to set up protections and to clear energy. While I am speaking in generalities, some of you may have additional tools you use to keep yourself protected. 
  • Lightworkers in general are a feeding ground for low level beings because they are often seekers, looking for clarity or life purpose, and often are 'open' spiritually. This means as a whole some groups are filled with people who are not grounded, or who have permeable boundaries. 
  • It is possible for people to go their whole lives not knowing they are empathic and/or mediums. Those people may see and experience things that others do not, but it doesn't mean that others are not affected. It simply means they don't see the same thing. 
  • It's also true that because someone is a medium doesn't mean they are 'looking' for things. It's a bit like if someone asks you what the weather is and it's raining. You say "it's raining". They get mad at you and accuse you of wanting to see the rain. (WTH???) In my case, for example, if the dark is present, I will see it. It's like seeing the rain, but only if it's raining. (So don't be mad at me because you have entities in your house or your business lol...I'm just the messenger.) Also, there are different frequency bands that people can perceive. Not everyone is equally sensitive to the same frequencies. Not every medium, intuitive, channeler, healer, etc is identical. (This is where Discernment is key.)

So let's talk about the role of Entrainment and how it relates to creating Abundance in your life. By law, entrainment means that the Dominating energy eventually takes over. So if you are stuck in a low vibration, energy-draining relationship over a long period of time, or living in a very low vibration house/neighborhood, you can and probably will adapt to entrain to that vibrational frequency if you don't set up your own strong personal and energetic boundaries. Even if you set boundaries in your own space but you live with someone who functions from a place of lack or poverty consciousness, it can be difficult to consistently reach your highest level of manifestation and abundance. 

Here are some things you can do to boost your Creative Power and Manifesting Ability:

  • Surround yourself with positive people who demonstrate an abundance mindset and are supportive to your goals.
  • Be conscious of your energetic boundaries when in groups. Even things like local Meetup groups or classes require Discernment on your part to be aware of if anything odd is going on. (I've experienced cords coming at me from all directions when certain healers start talking, even from watching their website videos.)
  • Be discerning with any content you watch on Youtube or online forums.
  • Have a clear intention when you want to seek information and purposefully close out browsers once you find your information if you start to feel something is "off".
  • Set intentions with any mastermind program or group program you join. 
  • Implement daily practices for cord cutting, clearing your energy and "filling your cup" (i.e. self-care). This includes things like using crystals to hold a certain frequency, clear low vibes and amplify your intentions. 
  • Join the highest vibration mastermind community you can afford (and if you haven't seen one yet, call it in for yourself). Know that if it is part of your path, the resources will be provided to you so that you can get all the support and help you need for your next step. 
  • Be mindful of who you share your plans with. Even 1 "Doubting Thomas" in your social circle lowers the energy of the whole group, and when you invite people to share in your plans, you unconsciously invite their energy to attach to your project or idea. This is a real thing I have seen happen over and over again from an energetic level, even if the person who shared was not attached to a supportive response, or the person who secretly has doubt doesn't openly express those doubts or fears. It's all energy. 
  • Take frequent excursions outside of your physical space if you are living in a low vibration environment. This will break up the amount of time you are affected and allow you to recalibrate to your natural vibrational frequency. 


Not sure what's going on with your Manifesting? Feel like you lost your Mojo? Or curious about how to assess energy leaks and money-making pathways in your business? Schedule a free chat to learn about options to check in on your energy or that of your business. 

Have questions about your own mastermind community or Facebook group? I work with a few high end (7 figure) business women each year to shore up energetic foundations and train team on how to keep the event/group energy clear for the Highest Good. To schedule a Business Energetic Consult + Attunement, you can book here.


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