Are You Dancing Around Your Gifts?

I was there. Still not fully understanding how or what my gifts were, feet firmly planted in my professionally created identity of "Autism Consultant". Never mind the miraculous healings I had the privilege to witness. Healer. Or the instant knowing of next steps for optimal progress. Medical Intuitive. Foresight. Visionary. Or the ability to see external energies affecting someone's soul, spirit, mind and body. Discernment of Spirits.

Never mind the copious energy drawings that illustrated energy flow, blocks, money intuition, energy leaks, and individual spiritual gifts. Never mind divine messages that came to me and through me, providing comfort and inner peace to others. 

I was "just" an Autism Consultant.

As I began business coaching and mentoring my colleagues in the autism field, I would see the vibration and frequency of their program offerings. Money Intuition. Folks who struggled to sign on new clients at $40/hour sent me follow-up emails saying they had just signed on 3 new clients at the new package rates (typically $3000 and up). I could see and was given the vision of what their true gifts were and the vibration they carried. I saw soul groups. Who they were meant to serve. After our work together they understood there was no competition and they were contracted to facilitate transformation in a specified area unique to them. 

Even as I continued to press on and attempt to work on "autism stuff", my inbox would continue to fill with coaches, consultants and business strategists who wanted a Spiritual Business Intensive. Every time I tried to shift gears back to autism, this would happen. 

I felt guilty. Parents need support and I have so many tools to share. 

But now I see what the Universe was trying to show me. I teach the same stuff to everyone I work with. I teach Discernment. Intuition. Connecting with your own Guides, your own inner knowing. I am no one's guru. I am a Spiritual Guide. 

Early on in my own awakening process mothers of children with autism started to report their gifts were opening up. They were seeing their son's aura before bed. They knew the cause of their nonverbal daughter's distress when no one else did. The thing is, I never taught them anything around spiritual gifts, nor did I share with them openly the powerful experiences I was going through behind the scenes.

That's when I discovered the concept of Entrainment. Spiritual Gift Activator. 

I'm openly sharing this because I know there are many in the same boat who are hiding out. Afraid. After all, in another place and another time, we would have been killed for having these gifts. 

Misunderstood. Feared. Judged. Projected upon. 

Can you relate?

If so, Now is Your Time. If you know you are destined to take your healing or transformational work to another level, let's chat. 

Interviews are taking place now for the 2020 High Impact Healer Mastermind program. 

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There is absolutely no pressure or obligation for this free call. To be honest, I personally interview each applicant and my spiritual guidance informs my decision. I don't work with everyone (but I will refer out or provide other support options if this one doesn't resonate for you!) 

Also, I really just love connecting with people and hearing what is going on for you. So if you have questions, concerns, fears about stepping out, or want to know more out of curiosity - don't be shy! 

The world needs us now more than ever, to step up and be visible. I'm stepping up.

Will you join me? 


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