Business Advice for my 25-year-old Self

Like many heart-centered entrepreneurs, I never set out to start a business for the purpose of making a lot of money. I had a calling to invest my heart, soul, time and money into learning everything I could to help families and children with autism (Including adult children with autism).

I stumbled into business coaching because of circumstances that propelled me into a new direction combined with the recurring interest of colleagues who continued to call me asking for feedback about their businesses. It got to a point I was giving away free advice for hours every week (with great results) and I thought "is this what I am supposed to be doing too?"). I realize now that I was using my natural intuitive abilities in both spheres (autism consultant and spiritually-based business coach), but at the time I had no clue how intuitive I actually was. 

If I could go back to my 25 year old self, I would be talking to a college grad who just accidentally fell into business as a result of being the only certified consultant in my state. No business interest even. Just a necessary step because I offered a service that families wanted and needed. My husband at the time was really the one who had the business sense and handled all the back end stuff. 

At 29 I would become a widow. This would lead me to massive overwhelm emotionally and physically, as I now had to learn the ins and outs of running a business. On top of this was family drama with the in-laws and what would turn out to be years of cyberstalking and bullying, a massive education in how Dark Forces work (that's another story) and continuing my education and mentoring with phenomenal people like Judith Bluestone and Svetlana Masgutova to learn neurorehabilitation protocols.

If I were to forewarn my younger self and give 3 suggestions this is what they would be: 


#1 Get a Mentor. Not a traditional business mentor, though. A mentor who has a spiritual perspective and who can show you how to effectively put boundaries around your time, your systems and operations. One who can guide you to creating a tiered service model so you can help as many people as possible without burning yourself out. And one who understands how to help you share your expertise in a respectful, heart-centered way (as opposed to manipulative NLP-based sleazy marketing tactics). Fortunately, I have had several high level mentors along the way who have taught me what I need to know, and I have shared much of my learning not just with my business clients, but with parents of children with autism as well. You see, the strategies high-level 7-figure business women use to stay on top of their work are equally effective for the working mom or the stay at home mom who is managing a household, their self-care, their kids and their child's autism program. I did find a mentor, but only after my husband died and I was already up a creek on multiple levels. If I could do it over, I would have hired a mentor as soon as I started my business so that I would prevent a lot of mistakes and have a fast track to positive results. 

#2 Focus on building up 1:1 practice in the first 1-2 years. Once that is filled, start building groups and online courses pronto. As much as I love working one on one, this model is a path to burnout and is limited in terms of how many people one can serve. After a while I realized I was teaching the same thing over and over again and I was really working at deeper levels than what I was teaching. By teaching in groups, creating workshops and classes, I could free up my time and focus my personal energy on the people who had already gotten to a certain point and were stuck or experiencing challenges. Beginners can learn a lot by taking the course or attending the workshop and it was a waste of my extensive training and experience to not prioritize the really challenging situations where people have gone to 3 consultants already with little progress. I figured this out eventually and created group programs for my autism clients as well as spiritually-based business clients, but I would have prepared for it much sooner if I had known in advance. 

#3 Find or create community that is aligned with you. This is so important and now I realize why. Beyond the emotional and practical support, I now recognize the Law of Entrainment, how light beings coming together provide more spiritual protection for All, and how we can amplify our spiritual gifts by staying connected in community. Looking for support in communities that simply are at a different vibration can lead to a highly gifted person feeling isolated, lonely and different from others. Professional jealousy, blackballing and gossip are much less likely to happen in a community that is genuinely built around healing, loving compassion and deepening understanding of what we are here for and how we can help each other succeed. (If you are looking for a business community that is aligned with the highest good, you can join the Spiritual Business Abundance Facebook Group.)

If I had known these 3 things in advance (rather than after major life upheavals) I would have had a much smoother journey with less bumps and bruises along the way :) This is why I have created a group mentoring program specifically for healers, aimed at providing the support and training needed to build a thriving 6-figure+ business. If you would like to learn more about this program please schedule a connection call and I would be happy to hear what is going on for you in your business. 

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