My Secret Weapon For Manifesting

abundance manifesting Aug 15, 2019

Okay, when it comes to manifesting, there is more than 1 tool and process I use, because it's a multi-faceted thing. There are a lot of variables that determine a person's ability to manifest, as well as the speed at which things show up. Some of these variables include:

  • Your soul's origin story
  • Your overall spiritual development level
  • Your current emotional state and vibration
  • Whether you have any cords, codependent bargains or entity attachments
  • The impact of entrainment and the communities you involve yourself in
  • How clear you are in what you want
  • How committed you are to take action
  • How consistent you are at showing up
So with all things being equal, there is ONE tool I use time and time again that many high-level (read 7-figure) business coaches and mentors use. This is the "Order Form to the Universe". 
Whenever you have a decision to make, or you need clarity on your next steps, I invite you to use this process as your go-to tool to get out of the weeds. 

It consists of 5 Questions: 
  1. What do I NOT want?
  2. What do I NOT want to feel?
  3. What DO I want?
  4. What DO I want to feel?
  5. How do I want others to feel?

Going through this process assisted clients of mine to create seemingly miraculous results in their lives. Parents attracted ideal (free) babysitting in less than 24 hours, a single mom on welfare called in a surprise $12,000 check within 2 weeks of our connection call. If you have a desire, the vision and the faith, you can call in the support you need to fulfill your purpose in your business and your life. 

So I invite you to try it for yourself. Take a moment to really get clear on what you want. It's the first step to cleaning up your energy and calling in what you really want to experience in your life. 

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