Are you a heart-centered change agent ready for expansion?

Combine practical accountability and business support with crucial spiritual coaching and training in deepening your spiritual gifts and intuitive abilities. 

You are: 

  • spiritual, intuitive and have a big heart for helping others
  • working to bring positivity to the world through your business
  • highly motivated to create shifts in your business that increase your client's successes and your efficacy in helping them 
  • interested in building a life-giving sustainable business while cutting back on your actual work hours
  • deeply committed to developing your gifts to their full capacity so you can serve others to your highest ability
  • want repeatable systems for manifesting and building a 6-figure+ financial foundation

Build a business that sustains you, rather than drains you with: 

Coaching Sessions: 18 total group coaching sessions via zoom (60 minutes each)

Curriculum: Week by week support to complete modules provided in online portal. See curriculum here.

Duration: 6 months

Frequency: First 3 weeks of every month

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