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For the month of September I am opening up spots in my calendar for the following private sessions. You may schedule a private session using the booking links below. 

If you would like to discuss what kind of appointment may be the most helpful for your situation, please book a "Connection Call" to connect with me. If you don't see dates/times that work for you, please reach out to [email protected] for assistance. 

All appointments include a mp3 recording and any energy drawings that may come through, barring any technical difficulties. All sessions are via zoom and require downloading the zoom app to your computer or phone before the appointment time. Go to for more info. 

 Connection Call - FREE

A complimentary consultation to discuss mentorship (High End Healer program, private Spiritual Gifts Mentorship) or sessions for Assessing and Attuning Energy in Your Business, Clearing Energy Blocks or Receiving Insights from Your Guides

Book Connection Call - FREE 


Relationship Energetic Clearing + Attunement  $250

In this 90-minute session you will receive information from your guides around energy and relational patterns, including cords, attachments, projection bands or other interfering energies that may be occurring in your relationship. This session is for spouse/partners, parent and children, siblings, families as a whole, and business relationships. Support from your guides and action steps are provided after a clearing and release of any negative patterns.  

Schedule Relationship Energy Attunement/Clearing


Spiritual Gifts Assessment + Activation - $333

A 90-minute consultation that provides you with clarity and support around understanding your gifts, knowing what messages you are able to receive from Spirit at this time (i.e. what channels are open to you) and how to amplify, attune and orient your gifts to creating more ease, flow and abundance in your life. 

Schedule Spiritual Gifts Assessment + Activation


**Entrepreneur Session** Spiritual Gifts Assessment, Activation and Business Energetics Attunement - $777

This is a series of three (3) 50-minute sessions that include Spiritual Gifts Assessment PLUS information specific to your Business Energetics at this time. You will learn what channels are open to you in your business, how you currently show up to serve your clients and what frequency bandwidth you are attracting. Information that comes through includes: Your Power Quotient and that of your clients, what process you are really helping your clients through on an energetic level, as well as things like Light Quotient, Love Quotient, whether you have fields interfering with your messaging, and who is on your Spiritual Support Team. Attunement to the next level Frequency Band is offered, and any support and action steps relating to sustaining the next level frequency is provided by your guides. 

Schedule Business Energy Assessment + Attunement


Healing Sessions - FREE

Please note: This session does not include any of the above paid appointments.  This type of healing session is for assisting anyone who has a mental or physical condition, who would like to call in the healing presence of Jesus and other Ascended Masters and Angelic beings. I do not claim to cure, treat, diagnose or offer medical or psychological advice. Each month I open up 7 spots for free healing sessions for those in need. If you do not see a time that works for you, or you have questions about setting up an in person group healing please email [email protected]


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